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PPM Fast Track Program

4 + 1 PPM Program is an Acceleration Program (PPM Fast Track Program) for high-achieving Business Management Undergraduate Students and its prospective students. By following and completing this program perfectly, students will receive a Bachelor of Business Management (Sarjana Manajemen Bisnis/S.M.) and a Master of Management (Magister Manajemen/M.M.) degree within 5 (five) years.

Program Objectives:

  • Graduates have comprehensive and practical management knowledge, strong business ethics values with superior soft competencies
  • Producing graduates who are ready to become executives, entrepreneurs, and future leaders who are reliable, tough, have a business spirit, and can bring improvements and changes in the work environment.

The Benefits of PPM’s Fast Track Program

  • Double Degree (Bachelor of Business Management & Master of Management)
  • Shorter study time (5 years)
  • Program costs are more affordable
  • Participants no longer need to take postgraduate entrance selection test at PPM School of Management

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