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Master Management for Young Executive

The MM – Young Executive (EM) Program is a PPM School of Management Postgraduate Program with a Masters in Management for young executives / entrepreneurs who already have work experience. The preparation of the MM-EM Program is tailored to the accelerated transformation of participants into young, dynamic and insightful professionals. The aim of this program is to prepare participants to become future leaders with comprehensive and practical management knowledge, strong business ethical values, with superior soft competencies, so as to bring about improvement and change in the work environment.


Vision of the Magister of Management PPM Study Program

“To become a vehicle for superior management learning and practice relevance based on noble values, which are continuously developed”

Mission of the PPM Master of Management Study Program

  • Organizing education in the field of Management based on cutting-edge management science which is applied oriented;
  • Carrying out quality research in the field of management, with high commitment, in order to develop professionalism;
  • Developing high social responsibility through community service programs;
  • Developing extensive national and international networks to support a world-class learning process


  1. Dynamic Learning
    • Teaching methods: presentations, group discussions, case discussions, business simulations, company visits, sharing knowledge with practitioners (Guest Lecturers, Executive Sharing Sessions), mentoring and outbound (forming soft competencies).
    • Management Competition, MM-EM participants are fully supported to take part in management competitions to apply the knowledge gained during lectures and hone real business intuition. In its implementation, MM-EM participants will be specially guided by the PPM professional teaching team.
    • The curriculum is based on the results of research on stakeholders and the results of consultancy various organizations in Indonesia – conceptual-based best practices.
    • Discussion of local & international applied cases – focus on Indonesian and Asian management.
  2. A diagnosis-solution-applied mindset 
    • Enrich the knowledge of cutting-edge management concepts, solutions and applications
    • Improve the ability to think strategic and innovative with an international perspective
  3. Professional and have social responsibility 
    • Knowing professional business practices supported by high moral commitment – Integrated Competence: management research, management consulting, management assessment, management training
    • Institutionally, PPM has a high commitment to ethical business practices

After completing studies in the Young Management Masters Program, participants are expected to:

  • Having problem-solving and decision-making skills in the functional sphere rationally and creatively;
  • Possess deep functional management skills;
  • Having work skills based on the latest global management science with adaptation to local business practices and based on ethical business values;
  • Have self-confidence, ability to build relationships, ability to lead groups, and have the desire and ability to continue to grow
  • Have high social sensitivity.

Info selengkapnya :
Selection Schedule
November 2020 - October 2021
Opening Program
September 2021
Program Duration
22 - 24 month
Participants Requirements
  • Minimum 1 year work experience
  • Maximum age of 30 years
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